Conservative Military Image from Chicago will release their first studio album called Casual Violence in spring.
With Tagedy Of The Commons and Yard Hard, the US band has already released two first singles. The album will be released via Lionheart Records. The hardcore/skinhead/Oi! scene has reclaimed its longstanding glory within the hardcore scene in 2022, and Conservative Military Image has been a big part of that. dBreaking down tried-and-true punk riffs and tough tales of blue-collar life, easy to take for any man. Plain simple music for simple people. With each release they seem to get better, more provocative and more striking lyrics. In the end punk is one thing and that is provocative? The way it should be! When you cue up the first track, “Inheritance”, the music is undeniably infectious, the driving and droning guitars are destined to fill a room with circle pits and get bald heads stomping around.
Hailing from Toronto, Imploders long awaited debut 12″ follows on the work laid out on their self titled 7″ and Equalizing Distort radio session cassette. Their Self-Titled debut 12″ is comprised of 16 tracks of pure, classic American Hardcore attack. Maladjusted adults carving out knuckle-burning, drywall-holing Punk Rock. Like their initial release, it travels a similar path first cleared by Circle Jerks and Zero Boys but there’s a sheen in the efficiency and tightness of this offering that builds on that prior work. The tracks are scaled for an equal ratio of hooks and speed. Not relying purely on power or flash, Imploders sit right in the middle and are delivering some of the best Hardcore Punk since Personality Crisis walked the frozen plains of the Prairies. This style ain’t broke and Imploders prove it doesn’t require any fixing.
Citing such influences as SSD, Celtic Frost, and Heresy, Pressure Pact is a Dutch hardcore band that write the kinds of songs that would fit perfectly over one of those street fights compilations you see on YouTube.
Straight from the heart of downtown Bruxelles comes Instructor, a band that formed out of a group of friends who have been working hard to grow a local DIY scene centred around the Cobra Jaune Club. The CJ might as well be a time warp back to the CBGBs of the 80s, a truly raw punk affair where all freaks are welcome. Anyone who’s anyone on the hardcore punk tour circuit in the past 5 years will tell you playing the Cobra Jaune is what dreams are made of, bringing together punks and skins, together as one. Very much catching this vibe musically as well, Instructor sound like they got together in an alleyway and made some instruments out of garbage cans to play Breakdown’s ‘87 Demo and Kickback’s Cornered LP. As hardcore gets more and more polished, the truly meat-and-potatoes variety is becoming a rare sight, but that’s exactly what you get with Instructor, with bucketloads of attitude and energy from people living and breathing the life. Vocalist Dario sounds like he has smoked 2 million cigarettes, whilst guitarist Bert whips out some wild solos only a mother, and punk enthusiasts, could love. And that’s the point, putting Brussels HC back on the map!
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